About the Anker Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Mouse:

The average adult in the US spends 8+ hours in front of a screen each day, but one aspect that is often left out of the statistic is how much of that time is spent using a mouse or trackpad and how that impacts wrist health and comfort. Although this vertical mouse may look funny, the vertical design is actually more ergonomic than a standard mouse, and is designed to minimize the discomfort and damage to the wrist and hand that often accompanies prolonged usage of a computer mouse or trackpad. The Anker Wireless Vertical Mouse also has extra features, like high resolution tracking (up to 1600 DPI) for more sensitive input and a built in USB receiver slot for storing the dongle when taking the mouse on the go.

Anker Vertical Mouse Features:

  • Ergonomic Design: Feels better and minimizes harm to your wrist
  • Improved tracking and precision input: Up to 1600 DPI resolution optical tracking
  • Extra Buttons: Built in “next page” and “previous page” buttons on the side of the mouse for easier web navigation
  • Power Saving Mode: Automatic power saving feature will prolong the life of the AAA batteries the mouse runs on when not in use
  • Works across devices: Works with Windows, Linux, Mac OSX

Anker Vertical Mouse Pictures:

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