“*RRRRRRRGGGH*” – that is the sound that your can opener probably makes. Or if you have a bad one, “*RRRGGGHH… AH MY FINGER OH GREAT ANOTHER TRIP TO THE ER!”. Anyways, once the can opener has done its job, most cans need to be strained of their liquid. The usual method for most is to hold the dangerously sharp freshly serrated lid of the can against the top and use it as a makeshift strainer. However, if you value your finger tips and want your can thoroughly strained, not just barely, you might want to switch to an actual can strainer, such as this one, the Amco Can Strainer.

The Amco Can Strainer (ASIN: B001KLTMFW), is a sturdy metal can strainer that allows for one handed operation, fits multiple can sizes up to four inches in diameter, and has grooved areas for easy finger gripping. This makes a great gift for the causal to advanced chef, and I personally have given one away to a very happy recipient. The unique design even makes for a conversation starter, if you have nothing to talk about and wave it in front of your guests.


  • Strong metal design won’t bend easily or break
  • One-handed can straining! Amaze your friends (and enemies)
  • Multiple lips allow for latching onto different sized cans
  • No more danger of cutting off fingertips! This is a minus for thrill seekers living on the edge.
  • Very easy to clean
  • You can hit people with it*
    • *Not recommended