The SE 8036TM 30-Inch Telescoping Magnetic Pick-Up Tool with 15lb Pull Capacity is a simple product, but one that you might be wondering how you got on without once you have it. If you do a lot of DIY work, auto work, jewelry making, or other hobbies/tasks involving metal, this might be the perfect tool for you. The 8036TM is essentially a very powerful magnetic on the end of a telescoping rod – extend the rod, up to 30 inches, and you can easily pick up metal items from hard to reach places. Even if you don’t need the extendibility of the device, it is great to have just for finding loose screws and bolts that you have dropped.


  • Long – Telescopes out up to 30 inches!
  • Powerful – It can pick up 15 lbs!
  • Durable – Stainless steel body provides strength and lasting quality
  • Compact – Collapsed length of only 7 inches – fit easily in your toolbox, tool belt, or pocket.

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