What if you could bring the beauty and gentle calm of the moon’s glow to you or your child’s bedroom? Well, you can, with this stunning 3D moon lamp!

This 3D-printed moon lamp is an incredibly detailed replica of the real celestial object, carefully constructed to match satellite imagery. It contains a long-lasting rechargeable battery, so you can even use it cable-free, and hold the moon in your hands. With adjustable colors, modes, and brightness, the moon lamp can provide the exact ambiance you are looking for at any time.

Moon Lamp Features:

  • Ultra Realistic: Created with a precise 3D printing process, with durable material
  • For any Atmosphere: Customize the color, light modes, and brightness, all with the convenient remote control!
  • Built-in Battery: Leave it in 24/7, or take it on the go with the built-in battery. Lasts up to 15 hours on a single charge!
  • Beautiful: Comes with solid wood base, which together with the Moon, make it a veritable art piece

3D Moon Lamp Image Gallery:

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