Bad lighting is the enemy of photographers and videographers, and can ruin any shot, no matter how well the scene is composed. Most cameras, including expensive DSLRs, ship with a built in flash, but they don’t diffuse well and tend to over saturate certain parts of the picture while leaving others still dark and under exposed. The NEEWER CN-160 is an affordable and portable solution to this issue, providing a very bright and powerful camera light that attaches to almost any standard camera.

The NEEWER CN-160 is built with 160 energy efficient LEDs that run off either AA batteries, or with the included adapter, standard camera rechargeable batteries. The CN-160 also comes with two filters that easily slide into place, for diffusing the light and reducing color temperatures. It is dimmable, pivotable, and fits any standard camera hot shoe mount or 1/4″ thread.

This is a great gift for any photographer or videographer, including amateur, hobby, or professional.

CN-160 Features:

  • Powerful: Maximum power of 9.6 Watts, and up to 900Lux
  • Adjustable: Use the rotating wheel to adjust brightness
  • Great value: For a very affordable price, get the light, plus two filters
  • Standardized: Fits any standard hot shoe mount, or 1/4″ tripod thead

NEEWER CN-160 Image Gallery: