Back before Spotify, Apple Music, and all the other digital ways to enjoy and browse music, the albums you listened to had to occupy actual physical space in your home. In fact, collecting and showcasing them was a big part of the music industry, and tons of time and energy was spent on the physical presentation of records.

Whether or not you lived through this time period and/or enjoyed the popular music at the time, you can have an appreciation for the art form of record album covers and the talent that went into their creation. This beautiful book by TASCHEN, a collection of 1,000 (😲) of the most recognizable rock album covers from the 60s to 90s, is a great way to preserve and enjoy that art form.

TASCHEN - 1000 Album Record Covers Collection - Coffee Table Book

This is an excellent coffee table book, conversation starter, and gift, for any audiophile or art appreciator.